• Our Fish

    Our focus is on reef fish harvested out of the Gulf of Mexico. Wild caught seafood is one of the only protein sources left in the world that is not manipulated by man, and it must be treated with the utmost respect.
  • Our Fisherman

    We see the fishermen that we buy from as our Partners. The are the most critical link in the supply chain. Conservation starts with fishermen and has the greatest impact on sustainability.
  • Our Community

    Wild Seafood Company partners with many trade organizations, non-profits and charities directly related to our industry as well as those in the community.
  • Our Customers

    A supply chain that is ever-changing like the seafood supply chain demands not only partnerships on the vendor side, but also strong relationships on the customer side.
  • Sustainability

    We find it our responsibility to provide, promote and market environmentally friendly wild fisheries and aquaculture. The success and, most importantly, the future of our business depends on it.

Premier Partner

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